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Flashing screens can be uncomfortable for players who are photosensitive or those who have gotten too used to dark modes.

This plugin adds an option to limit the intensity of flashing screens in RPG Maker MZ or MV in the options menu.

You can control the threshold at which the intensity is reduced, and level of intensity they are re-adjusted to.

 Free to use in commercial and non-commercial project!

Please credit Nowis-337.


Version 1.0 - Finished plugin. Hope it works!

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Tagsaccessibility, plugin, RPG Maker

Install instructions

Place in your RPG Maker MZ Plugins folder and enable in the Plugins Manager.



Development log


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Is there a way to make it compatible with Yanfly's option core?

Similar to the visustella guide, you can add it into the options from the options core parameters. Most important is the symbol name "limitFlash" - then all I added was my own name and description and left the rest of the options as default:


I’ve been looking for accessibility plugins for MZ and yours is perfect. Thank you!