Note: Downloading the game is recommended for a smoother experience.

Cyber-Jebb is revived as a cyborg to pilot a giant robot to hunt his target. Will he succeed carrying out his mission? What conspiracy, betrayal and romance is afoot?

Beware of a mysterious jester entity lurking from within the shadows...

A short game made for the 2022 Robot Party Game Jam

Basic controls:

  • Move: LMB  /  WASD  /  Arrow Keys
  • Interact: Z / LMB
  • Cancel: X/RMB
  • Menu: Esc

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run Game.exe.


Download 100 MB


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Uow! Great game! Good job!

Thanks for playing!


Without spoiling anything, that final image art was *mwa*! I appreciated how forgiving this game was! The concept is pretty neat (shades of RAD ;) ) and is definitely something that could be built upon. Great work!

Thanks! There are certainly features added inspired by kyle's particular playthough of RAD :P


A game of very cool concept!

Thanks ronald! :)


Very nice game.

The game was a bit short, but the concept was very solid.

I liked the mech controls, and my favorite ability was the ultimate move due to how powerful it was. That ability and the standard energy blast were the most effective ones for me.

The story was very touching as well.


Thanks for playing!