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This plugin adds the option to rebind keyboard keys to the options menu.


  • Movement presets: Arrow Keys, WASD, ZQSD, Customise your own!
  • Rebind to most keys on the keyboard (except for F1 - F12).
  • Make your own custom keynames to use (eg via scriptcalls).
  • Probably not compatible with other plugins that assign common events to certain keys.
  • Limitions: Cannot set more than one keys to the same function like default RPG Maker.

Free to use in commercial and non-commercial project!

Please credit Nowis-337.


    • Version 1.1 - 30/9/2022 - Fixed error from copy and pasting from my other plugin
    •  Version 1.0 -  5/9/2022 - Finished plugin!
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (2 total ratings)
    Tagsaccessibility, keyboard, plugin, rebind, RPG Maker


    Nowis337_KeyboardRebind.js 42 kB


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    Hello, I know it's not intended to be used with a controller, but if you use a controller to access the settings and then press cancel, the game will freeze and you won't be able to move anything.

    What should I have done to fix this?

    Ah thanks for letting me know.! The easy fix is if you are using Visustella Core Engine, they do fix controller issue properly. I sorta had a guess and made a fix in my controller rebind plugin, I'll have to update this one and add something similar for this one too.

    Hello, when i try to open the menu its showing this error message:

    Thanks for letting me know, I've updated it and it should be fixed now :)

    (1 edit)

    It's working perfectly now, this plugin is a must.