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This plugin adds the option to rebind the game controller keys to the options menu.


  • Add your own custom keybinds - at this stage only can assign your own keyname to reference to in script calls.
  • Customise the button names displayed (uses Xbox controller button names as default).
  • Probably not compatible with plugins that assign common events to certain key presses.

Highly recommended to use together with Visustella Core Engine MZ plugin that fixes an issue with gamepad input repeating too quickly. I've included a fairly crude fix which can be switched off.

 Free to use in commercial and non-commercial project!

Please credit Nowis-337.


  • Version 1.2 - 5/9/2022 - Fixed some minor bugs, updated for more coherent menu sound use.
  • Version 1.1 - 22/8/22 - Added gamepad repeating input fix.
  •  Version 1.0 - 22/8/22 - Finished plugin!
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Tagsaccessibility, Controller, plugin, RPG Maker

Install instructions

Place in your RPG Maker MZ Plugins folder and enable in the Plugins Manager.


Nowis337_ControllerRebind.js 33 kB

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