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Welcome to the world of Monsprites!  Capture and train your own Monsprite partner and enter the Grand Tournament to become the Monsprite League Champion!

Surely it's that simple right? Or maybe not...

A true abomination of a game made for the Build Your Own Game Jam the hosted by Driftwood Gaming, with inspiration from Pokemon and Digimon.

There are 10 themes to pick 2 from:

Purple, Dungeon Crawler, Survival, Not what it seems, Tactics, Silent Protagonist & Antagonist, Hidden Cheats, Time Travel, Perma-death, and Babies.

The obvious sensible choice is to pick all of them! (With the emphasis of 'Not What It Seems' and 'Hidden Cheats)'. Bad idea? Probably. At least it was fun to make!

Cutting it close to finish it on time, so let's hope it's not too broken ;)


Version 1.2 fixes a bug with Prof Floatwood's PC and added some extra hints for players who get stuck.


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Monsprites_Windows_1_2.zip 136 MB
Monsprites_Windows_1.01_GameJamEntryVersion.zip 140 MB


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Really fun and short game. I'm still trying to find the two missing mons in the dex and it's driving me insane.

I'll have to try your other games sometime. Great work and I hope you keep at it.


this is such a fun little game, ended up playing through the whole thing attempting to get every little thing, even trying to see if I could do some unintended things like get the dino and a spare ball, which I couldn't but it was still fun to try. One thing that would have been fun might've been something extra happening if you got the dino AND the rare candy, as it would end up giving you the highest possible starting level of 21. Although that's probably the intended method so maybe it'd make less sense to do that.

I would have loved being able to use the *spoiler* on mom and the red glasses guy though just to see what kind of mon they'd turn into. As well as perhaps being able to go through the locked door in the moncenter.

I'd totally love to see something like this expanded into a bigger game, but I can see how that might be a little hard to do with such a compact experience. Still, I'd totally buy or support such a thing if it existed.


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe one day I can revisit this idea of catching NPCs with pokeballs !

I'd love to see it! Maybe this'd make things too dark but having the pet raising aspects interact with the captured mons might be interesting to add. I'd also love to see a mon version of the rival. 

Very nice game. I knew that something was going to happen based on the summary, but I was rather stunned by the twists.

I knew that something was up when the giant blob was too weak to fight the rival's giant dinosaur... and then it died.

I went along with the time travel thing, because why not.

My jaw dropped when my idea for the upgraded capture ball had that result, and the first ending was nice.

And I couldn't quite stop myself from smiling when you left a hint for that familiar easter egg.

Overall, a very fun journey that left me with many interesting thoughts.


Thanks for giving this weird game a go!

Failed to initialize graphics.

I would really like to play this, it looks cool!

Hmmm, checking the RPG Maker forums, it could be an issue with a recent engine update for some computers. There has been an update since so fingers crossed that this issue will be fixed when I update this project along with with some bug fixes after the game jam period is over!

Don't let nintendo get ya!

Haha need to watch out for my Digimon-like creatures too *cough totally-not-metalgreymon-derivative cough*


Damn you and your beautiful games Nowis-337:)

As a player I love them, as a competitor I get a sinking feeling when your username shows up in a contest. You inspire me to be a better gamemaker, thank you.

You captured the whimsical vibe of OG Pokemon so well. I was teleported back to being young and playing Ruby/Sapphire on Gameboy Advance. I'm half expecting a buddy to show up any minute and challenge me to a Wireless Adapter battle after we lock eyes. The Tamagotchi-style poop was a hoot.

The BGM and graphics are spot-on. I loved the cutscene before the tournament! The tournament battle itself was awesome- the action battle controls worked well, the animations were great, and the opponent was a tough nut to crack.

Oh, and the element that starts with an 'H' and ends with me almost falling out of my chair laughing (and finally winning)...perfect.

Well done, tons of fun!


Thanks! Definitely used a lot of Ruby/Sapphire as reference for this one. Glad you found this silly mash of ideas together enjoyable :P