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The release of RPG Maker MZ is looming. Join Therese, Marsha and Lucius to embark on one final quest to farewell our beloved RPG Maker MV Hero, Harold!

This is a short puzzle game I made in 2 weeks for the Harold's Last Stand game jam. Solve puzzles and collect items to prepare Harold for his journey to the beyond...

While this game obviously has to feature RTP assets, additional art and graphical assets are made by me, with a (hopefully) nice little surprise at the end.

Have fun!


  • Multiple endings depending on how well you do
  • Silly Harold art
  • Playtime of around 15 mins

Version 4 adds some QOL stuff for the completionists, Now I'm happy to call this game finished. I'll keep the game jam entry version still available. (Reuploaded to fix something minor)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsRPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes


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Harold's Journey Beyond ver 4.zip 96 MB
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I played this game, but I couldn't figure out about the code (trees, bushes, and rocks).
I got 2 endings (Bad and comedy), the two others ending I couldn't figure out.

On second thought, I figured out suddenly, I finally complete my puzzle 4 of 4.

It was fun really, mostly I laugh is second ending.
But I was shocked in the last ending, Harold is overpowered. Hahaha...

I hope if you can make in MZ 

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This was pretty fun! The gameplay and dialogue were all engaging, and I only managed to perfect the red bugfix, because I totally failed at the number puzzle and the boss fight. I got the "Probably Dead Harold" ending. It was darkly funny, and I kind of want to shoot for the other endings now. I know the puzzle involves the trees, bushes and boulders, but is there any sort of hint? I tried a bunch of numbers, but they didn't work.

Okay, I can see that getting one or zero bugfixes right leads to the worst ending. Now, need to try to beat the boss properly.

I tried spamming Time Crunch along with evasion and healing buffs, but it didn't work. Am I supposed to beat the boss in a traditional manner?


There is a key item and important information you find in the lab area at the beginning. Each tier of bugfix adds a certain number to the 'final score' to determine what ending you get.

You can't beat the final boss traditionally so you'll need to find another way ;).

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Thanks, I'll take a look later. The goggles that let you see key things are what led me to the perfect red bugfix, and I noticed the crack in the wall, the strange stone boulder, and the strange pipe in the secret chamber near the boss fight, and even though the characters commented on them, interacting with them didn't do much.

TLDR: This is awesome. Instant follow.

The presentation of this one is amazing. The plot is great, and each glitch area is very unique and well done.

I finished the game and got and then realized better performance got a better ending haha. Then replaying the game it was even better than the first time.

Everything is very well done. I especially love the enemy battler design, the dialogue, the combat skills. The hilarious first ending I got (think it was the worst one). The title screen launch XD

You've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this. This is a really solid game even on its own without anything Harold related.

This is also the most Harold-y game I've played so far. The meta in this is sick. I would give you a 6/5 on the Harold rating if I could.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed all the Harolds!

this game's story and puzzles are really cool in this game! Took me quite some time to figure out how to get the best ending. The whole game is so enjoyable overall.

Thanks! Was a fun project as an excuse to put in those Harold art :)