A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Enter the Haroldverse game jam!

It is the year 20XX. The world is under the tyranny of Priscilla and Reid, who rose into power after the suspicious death of our beloved hero Harold decades ago. 

Play as clones of Harold, Haron and Rolda, who are sent back in time to prevent Harold's demise to alter the timeline. 

However, they might have encountered a slight hiccup... 


  • RPG Maker game within an RPG Maker game.
  • Train your right and left hand coordination with terrible controls to pilot Harold (or maybe find a friend to help you).
  • Multiple Harolds to unlock based on performance and choices made!
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsRPG Maker, Short

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run "game.exe"


HaroldSimulator.zip 133 MB


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The definitive answer to the question "What if Harold was WarioWare?"

haha I definitely had WarioWare in mind when I made this!


This was a very fun entry.

The story was hilarious, and the gameplay was very robust.

Got the Ace Pilot Harold ending, and I'm interesting in seeing what the other endings are.


Thanks for playing!